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Re: Avengers 2 News, Rumors, Etc. Pictures until release...

Yeah animated stuff looks awesome in 3D (or even a good 1080p) I've got a 1080p monitor and when I watch some animated shows it looks just amazing and I totally agree about Despicable Me. I was watching it in a Best Buy a while back in 3d and wow, that's just a treat. I think animated 3D converts much more easily since it's already sorta 3D from the get-go, just a matter of converting the depth field. And Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D omgsh... that's awesome.

Live action stuff really doesn't do it as well, unless it's something heavily CGI to begin with. Now Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D it seemed to add more 'depth' like you were going 'inside' of it more than it coming 'out' at you. Like in the pod race scenes, it felt like you were seeing the stuff in the distance as it would be if you were actually in it. So that was pretty cool. Or even some of the laser blasts. But since it wasn't designed for it, that's about all you can do.

Now I saw Thor and Captain America and the Avengers in 3D and honestly the only one I felt really kind of used the 3D as I expected it was Captain America. Avengers had a bit too much action to really enjoy the 3D imagery. Thor was alright in 3D but didn't super-impress me honestly. I watched it enough times in 2D at home to realize that other than a few times where the 3D added more depth, it's no more than using an IMAX camera added to the realism. Like say in Dark Knight, it almost felt 3d even on a 2d CRT TV which was pretty interesting.
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