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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Out of all 5 of the captains Janeway is the only one to have been mishandled and what others says is true. Like Nick Meyer said, of course you can kill Spock as long as you do it well. Janeway's death was not handled well.
So... I just imagined all those people who've been complaining for the past 18 years that Kirk's death wasn't handled well? And that's a canonical death.
No it wasn't. Ron Moore, one of the writers, said so himself. Kirk's role in Generations was nothing more than a glorified cameo. He was only in the movie to have a bridge to the original series and nothing more. The actor himself hated it so much that he wrote an entire series reviving the Kirk character and while I know those don't fit into the novelverse continuity I feel that the books about Kirk's revival undid that. I'm hoping that Eternal Tide can do the same thing for Janeway. Beyer has the talent to do it. Even your book Watching The Clock made Janeway's death have more meaning, none of the uptime governments would have existed without her actions. DTI:WTC and Full Circle took away from of the sting of her death in Before Dishonor.

I guess I should have said that Captain Janeway hasn't been treated as well as she could have been in the novelverse as the other male captains have. Out of three female captains, Janeway, Kira and Dax, the only one still around now and in a leadership position is Dax. Kirk came back, Sisko came back, Picard never left and neither did Archer. Why is it that only the female leads are treated that way? I miss Kira being in command of the station as much as I miss Janeway being alive. It seems to me that the message to young women out there is you can achieve your dreams and accomplish much, but the men are the one's who get to fulfill those dreams until the end. I'm not a woman but I still see that there is a discrepancy there.

I don't blame any of the writers in any way. The last decade has been the best Treklit has ever been. But that's because the writers have been extremely talented. It's the editors who make goofy decisions like fast forward DS9 and having Janeway end up with the Q.

*I will say having Ro in command of DS9 now is cool. Knowing the back story of how Kira was meant to be Ro in DS9's creation is a bit of symmetry I like.
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