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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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Ah, right. Yeah, I'd gladly kick him in the head all day long.
Yes, but you're a heel. That makes it okay.

All kidding aside, I'd also gladly kick Lawler's mysogynist head in all day as well. You can set your watch by the frequecy in which he fills the air with blatantly sexist comments. And he's the face color commentator- which by some stretch of the imagination means he should be held accountable for what he says in the PG Era.

If WWE is future endeavoring guys for making analogies to Kobe Bryant being unstoppable when attempting rape, shouldn't Vince or Trips or someone tell Lawler to sell the impression that mysognyny is A-OK when it comes to the WWE's target audience?

True, I miss the days when Lawler would blurt out "Puppies!" every third word during Divas matches, but if we're going to be PG, lets not make fat jokes about Vickie unless we're also going to make them about Big Show, Brodus Clay, or Mark Henry.

Huh, I wonder why Lawler wouldn't want to do that...
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