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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

The Live Action movie is essentially by itself. It is mostly a vehicle for the movie's star than anything else (also the reason why there will not be an English dub of that film...the actor's contract says no to a dubbing of his voice)

It cannot join up with any other Yamato stories because it is greatly different from everything else. Especially when it comes to the Gamilas.

The closest thing like it in science fiction is the differences between the Wing Commander games, books, and cartoon verses the Wing Commander movie. It is similar, but yet totally different. Even the remade Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek 2009 were closer to their sources than Wing Commander.

The live action Yamato movie had the ship, and some of the characters. Of them only a few were unchanged from their anime origins. The situation on Earth was the same. The loss of the Earth fleet was similar. After that things become echos of the anime plotlines from the first and second anime movies. It is mostly the first until they reach their desination, then it becomes the plotline of the second for the rest of the film with touches of the first left in because that was the orignal plot.

Yamato 2199 so far has followed the original series plotline. It has changed things as well, fixing certain plot holes and making some things make more logical sense than they did in 1974. However it will not be a straight remake, As they condense material, they have opened up space for new stories. I estimate they will have room for six entirely new episodes before the series ends.
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