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Re: August 2012 Challenge--"Suspicious Minds"--A Tale Of Captain Ezri

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It's rather clever of Sorak to use Ezri as sort of a "Plan B". But isn't there a danger of those two divisions of 31 stepping on each other's toes? Maybe not that big a danger since L'Haan didn't definitively reveal to Sorak what she was up to.

...I also rather enjoyed the remark about "cleaning house" every once in a while. It keeps people like Percy or Amanda--the two directors of the Section 31-like bureau on Nikita--from taking control of the whole bureau. As Sloan said, "It takes exceptional people to do we do. People who can sublimate their own ambitions to the best interests of the Federation."
Mm-hmm! And remember, in "Our Sacred Honor," there's a moment where Sorak and L'Haan discuss their falling-out over the course of that tale's events:

“And I can assure you, Sorak,” L’Haan replied, “That I have never conducted my affairs with any other motivation. I have respected you, deeply. I had thought that you viewed me in the same regard.”

Sorak stared back at her, meeting her gaze. He said, “I had, L’Haan.”
The truth is...Sorak had suspected for a while that L'Haan is in over her head. And this wierd plan of hers--revealing to Julian that Sarina's an agent, but is "really" a double-agent--actually proves it.

Frankly, my emphasis is that L'Haan is, bless her Vulcan heart, letting her pride get the best of her. This resulted in her refusal to truly take Sorak's warnings seriously (or, if she did, acted on them the wrong way)--which resulted in Sorak's loss of respect for her.

As far as he is concerned--she has to be "brought down a peg," so as to remind her of her priorities. (Indeed, readers of DRGIII's Raise The Dawn may recall how...odd L'Haan acts, in the way she talks to Bashir. Doesn't she seem a little...un-Vulcan, particularly in how she uses a more human style of speaking, there? I took that to mean she's allowing arrogance to get the better of more ways than one.)

What's even more intriguing is how Ezri discloses to Cynthia exactly what Julian had learned from Sarina thus far.
Yep! To be honest, she is all too aware that Cynthia has been in control of the situation from the moment she mentioned Julian, in the first scene. In part...I suppose Ezri's trying to take solace in moments where she can be in control. A kind of mild "cat-fight" between the two, if you will.
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