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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I was loving the show for most of the first 12-13 episodes, and then it became hit or miss. The main characters are great, I just want to watch episodes with them having interesting stuff happen, and some good villains. As for the first impressions, they're very important, so if the show does them badly, it tends to screw up the characters. Its possible Scorpius gets some depth and becomes interesting. Honestly, the only character I can say I'll never be interested in or like is Chiana. I'm just saying that, after watching Nerve, I'm not interested in Scorpius and his chair whatsoever, and that my first impression is that he might make an ok one episode villain, but he doesn't have anything going for him as an ongoing villain, besides the fact that he's evil.

Looking at descriptions (not spoilers) on wikipedia of some of the season 2 episodes, it seems like stuff I'd like, so I'm probably going to finish up Season 1 in a few days, and get the second season eventually (although it may be a month or two). I've also still got about 9 episodes of B5 left to watch.
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