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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Nerve (Farscape) - I'm starting to wonder why the writers seemed to have just given up for the last fourth of the season. There have been some good episodes, like Through the Looking Glass and A Bugs life, but for the most part The Flax was the end of the show having pretty consistant good episodes, now its very hit or miss. This episode has Aeryn needing a tissue sample from the hidden Peacekeeper based mentioned last episode to fix a probably fatal injury, that also happened last episode. Thats fine, I mean stuff like that has been done a lot but it can be done well. John decides to sneak on pretending to be an officer. I didn't think it would work for too long (and I was right) but it makes sense. Then, he agrees to take female Jar Jar with him, and I lost all hope for the episode.

Its a good thing I lost all expectations that this would be a good episode, because it was mediocre. To be fair, while she really annoyed me, Chiana wasn't the reason it wasn't very good. The part that pretty much ruined the episode was the S&M man....I mean "Scorpius". This guy wear's a bizarre mask, black clothes that look like leather, and enjoys inflicting pain, hence my name for him (his female minion is just as bad, although she doesn't have a mask, and atleast she doesn't talk). He tortures John in some "futuristic" torture chair. So, he's basically Durka with a fancy chair and stupid clothes. I think he makes more appearances, which really sucks. I thought Crais was a generic villain with generic motivation, then Scorpius came along. A villain wearing really stupid clothes that likes to inflict pain, in this case with a special device. Criochton manages to get help by the blonde peacekeeper from an earlier episode, and Jar Jar escapes with what Aeryn needs, leaving John to be tortured by Scorpius. A predictable ending, and also the first of a two parter
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