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Re: What likely happened to the Cardassian Union after the war

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Such mishaps are not nearly enough to upset the utter domination of klingon/romulan occupation forces against mere terrorists; a phenomenon the romans (for example) - like most empires - also dealt with.
History - real world history - shows empires don't fall - aren't even moderately inconvenienced - due to terrorists.
They could give a reason for those empires to pull out.
When did they, outside fiction?

Only when TPTB WANTED to retreat - not due to terrorism, but due to other factors.
You need a military, a large, well equipped army for such momentary weakening of the klingons/romulans to be exploitable.
They have the experience and the minds to set up a regular army and they pobably have a relativly intact infrastructure on the part occupyed by the Feds who might let them have their own state after a while.
They can have all the experience and minds they want.
An army, they can't have - not with a klingon/romulan force supervising the cardassian territory resources/said minds/periodically squashing any cardassian guerillas, etc, etc.

As said - the notion that defeated people can overthrow their vigilant conquerors is largely fantasy.
How many colonies did Britain had in 1912 and how many does it have now?
And what was the reason for Britain's departure?
You actually think indigenous terrorism did it? As opposed to events WAY above such level?

I already told you:
"The defeated can only hope and pray in historical happenstance - that his conqueror will be defeated by someone else, more kindly disposed toward him."

It's nice to believe that no one is truly defeated, that there are always second chances, etc. But such feel-good ideas are always proved false by a mere history book.

In effect, you wish to devolve star trek to the level of a children's tale, in order to feel fuzzy and warm inside.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton

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