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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

JarodRussell;6833621Ah come on. Audiences are not stupid. There's a space battle, and then they drop a line how they are at war for 3 years with the Dominion. It's not that hard. And it's not [I wrote:
Agree. Feature films have to play to an audience that is not necessarily familiar with even TNG, let alone DS9. That doesn't mean that we have to assume the audience is stupid or that they can't handle a little exposition to establish the backstory. I mean, let's face it. Star Trek has been around a long time. You're never going to make a Trek film that doesn't have some connection to what's come before. Even Abrams didn't do that.

My standard is pretty much this: If you can sum up what backstory is needed and why we should care in a couple of lines of dialog, then it should be okay. That's why I said upthread that, for example, Lore's backstory could be conveyed. He's an evil twin. A prototype that went bad. On the other hand, Sela would take too long and be complex to explain.
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