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Re: Re-watching Babylon 5 (* SPOILERS *)

^You want specific quotes? Here are a few memorable ones.
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Given that B5 touched on Earth's desire for organic technology and also made a point of the consequences of leftover Shadow tech, I think it's a valid thread to want more of. Saying Crusade is just shorter.

But I'd really have loved to see the adventures of Lyta and G'Kar that's been mentioned, too.

Yea, Lyta and G'Kar's Aventures, I think would've made a Fantastic Animated Series (Animated to make it easier to show some really strange new stuff)
Well at least we got one short story out of it, which is better than nothing. I remember a few years back there was mention of a possible B5 graphic novel in the works and at the time I thought it would be a neat idea if with each issue, they included a little one or two page strip featuring a G'Kar and Lyta adventure. Alas that rumour came to nothing.

As for the dangling plot threads, I agree with Jan. When I say 'Crusade', it's just short-hand for that whole IPX/EF New Technologies/Bio-weapons Div/Department Sigma subplot. It was one of those things that wasn't exactly central to B5's overarching plot, but it still permeated some very important events. I just found it very compelling. A few years ago when I was editing the B5 wiki, I tried adding the events at Syria Planum to the timeline and quickly realised that there was significantly more material than I thought and ended up writing a dedicated article just for that one incident!

It's a bit of a plot nexus since so many important characters were involved both directly and indirectly and the consequences would be felt right though the show's five seasons and on into Crusade. It's like that gunner in the first Star Wars movie. If it weren't for Syria Planum, a *lot* of events would have played out very differently.

For starters it forged the lasting friendship between Garibaldi & Sinclair. Had their shuttle not gone down, Garibaldi would probably never have climbed back out of the bottle and all his contributions to history (upto and including the great burn) would not have happened.

Since the Icarus mission was a follow up to the dig, Anna Sheidan & Dr. Morden would never have gone to Z'ha'Dum, which means Sheridan would probably never have gone, "died", met Lorien etc. Londo might never have been tapped by the Shadows (remember Morden told *them* he was perfect for their needs. A different thrawl in his place might not have held the same opinion.) So, while Narn might still have fallen, Reefa would probably have ended up on the throne.

Indeed without Morden, the Shadows may not have gotten their hooks into EarthGov so soon, if at all. That would mean no Santiago assassination, no Clark, no martial law (no Ganymede incident!) no Nightwatch, no independent B5 and so no Interstellar Alliance. The Shadows certainly wouldn't have been awakened so early which means the entire Shadow War wouldn't have played out the same. If so there's a good chance that Sinclair might not become Valen and we're into paradox territory.

Also, at the time of the incident, Bester was sent away to Beta colony specifically to keep him away from what was going on on Mars. What did he do on Beta colony? He was tracking a killer of telepaths with the aid of a young MetaPol intern by the name of Lyta Alexander.

Had he not have been there, Lyta may not have been frightened away from the Psicops, may never have transferred over to commercial work and thus would not have been assigned to B5. So she wouldn't have scanned Kosh, would not have gone rogue & exposed Control (which may or may not have been Talia since she was at Syria Planum too.) She would not have been supercharged by the Vorlons, probably wouldn't have met Byron or been the driving force behind the revolution, nor would she have been able to get secret financial backing from Edgars Industries because Garibaldi is still back on Mars, drunk off his arse or lying dead in a gutter. So the telepath war would have played out *very* differently, or not at all since Bester wouldn't have had Garibaldi to uncover Edgars's telepath virus plot.

And that was just off the top of my head. I'm sure we can think of more consequences if we put our minds to it.
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