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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

55. Hot Fuzz: B
56. Total Recall (2012): A-
57. Total Recall (1990): B+
58. Hardware: D+
59. The Bourne Legacy: A-
60. Once Upon A Time in the West: B-
61. Expendables 2: B+
62. Hangover 2: C

A Sergio Leone film from 1968 that plays about 30min too long. Leone must've really been feeling his oats or accolades cause all the elements that are praised from his "Man with No Name" saga are stretched out, elaborated upon to the point of being tedious. Too much of a good thing.
Still the main cast was fun to watch with Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson both in their prime. The scenery was great and I could even over look the voice dubs as it blended well in more places than it didn't.
If you don't like westerns this isn't one of the first you should sample most likely but even being longer than imo is necessary it's still good. Bronson really owns in the same vein as Eastwood did under Leone. Too bad Bronson didn't get trilogy, his Harmonica named character had a cool gimmick.

Expendables 2
I give a write up with SPOILERS over in the thread discussion. I really did enjoy the film and am curious why it didn't open as strong, stronger really, than the first film. The addition of Norris and JCVD with beefed up roles for Arnie and Bruce made it another fun ride. The reduced role of Jet Li was felt but some wiggle room had to be made.

Hangover 2
This is just mediocore filmmaking at I'm ok with sequels, the justified remake or re-imagining and don't get all belly aching about "originality" as some often do. This film though is where those who want to moan about that should've, if they didn't, moaned loudly.
OMFG it's not just beat for beat the SAME EXACT FILM it struggles to be funny doing it. Yeah, I chuckled a few times but it's hard to be surprised and enjoy the film when the whole time your checking off moments in the film vs the first one.
Ok, so 'y' substitues 'x' which means the next scene should be ____, wonder what they will substitute that with in Bangkok?
Just not a sequel that should've been made. It was a great one off premise not one screaming for a franchise.
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