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Re: VOY Caption This 84; Feminine Wiles...

Janeway: "I thought the Federation Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Tribbles had banned you from doing that ritual."
Chakotay: "Delta Quadrant..."
Janeway: "Right, Akoochimoya time again."

Kim: thinking "I think it might actually happen. I might get laid this time."
Girl with tray: "So, are you a lesbian too?"

Janeway: "Maybe around the next ridge..."
Chakotay: "I can't believe you forgot Kirk's first rule of landing party etiquette."
Everyone else in chorus: "Remember where we parked!"
Janeway: "Shut up and keep walking!"

Doctor: "Ah, the pensive stare into the distance preceding emotional musing."
Janeway: "Soon to be followed by 'smell the fart' acting."
Doctor: "No doubt some lengthy technobabble about unimatrices and nanotechnology."

"Bridge to EMH, a Marcellus Wallace is in transporter room two with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch inquiring as to whereabouts of Mrs Wallace..."
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