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Book Cover - Ink and colour help wanted

I need help!

I have to have a cover for Jespah's forthcoming anthology of her Enterprise era Daranaean series as a pdf paperback, like this one (and maybe something more) but I couldn't have picked a harder subject! An anthropomorphised canid / marsupial? After probably months of coaching from Jespah, modeling in DAZ 3D, calling in favours from my daughter, the beautiful and dangerous J'Keln Merrys, and finally Frankensteining it from a half-dozen photo-refs as well, I have a pencil sketch that I feel could make a good cover... IF I can get it inked and airbrushed.

Now, like all good Klingon's I will never admit to not being able to do anything! I probably could ink the pencils using pen and paper on my DIY light table but I have to be realistic: there are fans out there who can do it far better than I could and I have two other pdf paperbacks close to release plus a graphic novel that is overdue... besides plans for The Twelve Trek Days of Xmas... the next Personal Logs... working with Jespah on submission guidelines and upgrading our website... plus the silly details of RL like a job, The Year of Hell, etc...

I would be eternally grateful if someone could get us to the next stage with this by inking it for us. You would get a share of the credit for the cover - "Cover art by Kirok of L'Stok (pencils), Michelangelo (Inks) and Leonardo (colours)" - which would go on the title page, plus a link to your website, home forum or gallery on page 2.

As well as the eternal gratitude of the House of L'Stok! Any takers?

Good luck with your own endeavours.

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