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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
- make the Ba'ku less arian in nature and have more than 600 of them
Having only 600 people and having them be non-indigenous added nicely to the ambiguity of their position. The Baku did have a claim upon the planet, but their claim wasn't really strong, this made the story better.

- have some Dominion in it. Replace the ball dinner opening with a battle against Jem'Hadar cruisers.
- make the Enterprise in the battle against the Son'a ships more active, attacking, firing torpedoes, doing some nice tactical tricks, playing hide and seek
Have the Enterprise arrive at the Ring Planet with server battle damage, explaining how the two Sona ships could possibly be a threat to it.

- a Federation Council scene would widen the scope a bit.
This would have been a nice addition, show that the Admiral wasn't acting alone, but (as he claimed) was operating under Council orders. Picard wasn't just going against some insane Admiral, but the majority opinion of the Federation Council.

- lose the kid/Data stuff, I was getting tired of "Data learns something about humanity" subplots.
Keep a couple scenes perhaps, some were cute, but they did get old fast, the haystack piece at the end of the movie was lame.

middyseafort wrote: View Post
Picard actually going up against his government.
Yes, and as mention before members of his own crew too. Have various people keep hammering Picard on the health benefits of the rings particles, and how many hundreds of billions of people they will help.

Emphasize there were negative consequences to helping the Baku, that there was more than one side.

OK. So again, what was really at stake for Picard? Nothing. Nothing at all.
Obviously Picard keeps his command, but the movie might have ended with a certain doubt if that was going to be the case. Have Picard speak on doing what you think is right, even if there are personal costs.

I also would have added a line in the script of a possibility that the Federation Council might still have gone ahead with the collection of the particles, despite the events of the movie.

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