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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

"City of God" is often required reading for history majors. It is an interesting discussion of things Roman. However, it is about 1000 pages long. I read it this year and am happy I did. It is part of "Great Political Thinkers" by Ebenstein and that Watergate famous recently deceased guy Chuck Colson refered to Augustine in his book "Kingdoms in Conflict" such that worldly and heavenly agendas may sometimes come into conflict. Persevere and it is rewarding to read old classics.

I am currently reading a collection of environmental essays "Inventing the Future" by David Suzuki (1989) which help contextualize the first Rio Earth Summit a bit. Still trying to get into "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoyevsky and still with "Mutiny on the Enterprise" by Vardeman. Slow going. Did finish watching DVDs for Season 3 of DS9 from library.

Must go to Star Trek exhibition at PNE in Vancouver. It shall probably be traveling elsewhere fairly soon.

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