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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post
I find there to be something off with Captain Marvel. Like its a rejected and repurposed Wonder Woman pitch.
I dunno I was almost thinking more female Green Lantern with the whole space alien origins and such. Y'know I never really put two and two together, but Carol Danvers is basically a female Hal Jordan - but a female Hal Jordan that actually did something with his flying skills besides become a test pilot.

I'm still in love with Carol "Captain Ms. Marvel" Danvers and you can't change that

Although what I am worried about with the inclusion of Rogue - are they going to trot out that hoary old saw about "Oh woe is me, Rogue was such a bitch when she was a KID and took my powers and memories... yadda yadda." because the way things are now - she's got memories and feelings about pretty nearly everything she remembers, so let it go. It's almost as bad as Tony going to AA meetings every few issues. I mean my GOSH, he had ONE FRICKIN' BOTTLE of booze in front of Odin and a few pints of Ale in Asgard and suddenly he's like "omigosh I'm such a bad alcoholic."

I hate AA's "I'm Tony and I'm an alcoholic." like... no Tony you aren't. You're a "former alcoholic." you grew up. You learned new substitutions for the booze. You learn moderation. Fuck, if you can create an arc reactor out of nothing, you can beat booze.
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