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The cameo I was mentioning was "This Little Piggy". She had maybe 5 lines in the whole thing, definately not a major role.
When was the last time you saw the episode? That's definitely not true. Most of the episode was a Batman-Zatanna teamup. Here's the summary.

Also, if there were 11 years between her episode and JLU, then she would have looked a good deal older. she didn't, and neither did Batman (although his new art style helps hide any aging).
Well, as I said, we know several years must have passed between B:TAS and JLU. Dick was 18 when we first saw him in B:TAS, in his first year of college. So he graduates four years later, and according to the Lost Years comic, travels the world for two years and four months before returning to become Nightwing at the start of TNBA, when Tim became Robin. We know that Tim was Robin during Static Shock's second season, but that by the SS third-season premiere "Hard as Nails," Robin had left and was with the Titans, so that puts it after the end of TNBA's 24-episode run, so it's probably more than a year after Dick became Nightwing. Later that same season was the SS/JL crossover "A League of Their Own." That crossover was sometime before "Star-crossed," and then some unspecified but significant amount of time passed between "Star-crossed" and the start of JLU. So from B:TAS to the start of JLU must be a span of at least eight years, possibly more.

Now, admittedly, if we assume she was a bit younger than Bruce, then by my chronology she'd be 30-31 in "Zatanna," which would make her up to 42 in "This Little Piggy." But there are certainly women in their early 40s who still look youthful and beautiful, though sometimes with a little surgical help. And Zatanna's magic could assist her in that as well.

Besides, she learned her magic from her Dad, and I'm pretty sure he's dead by the time she appears in Batman.
The comics' Zatanna learned her magic from Zatara, but of course we're talking about a different continuity where characters' origins and histories are often different. We don't know how this Zatanna got her sorcery, so it could've happened in any number of ways.

That would make him 30-31 during the beginning of batman: TAS, which I think works. If JL happened 11 years after that, he'd be in his forties, and that seems a bit old for him in JL. I could be totally wrong, but thats just how I worked it out in my head.
True, by my reckoning, Batman is 43 by the end of JLU, the last time we see him in the DCAU "present." But there have been athletes who have continued to be effective into their early forties, such as Jimmy Connors. Now, realistically, the kind of abuse Batman's body has been constantly put through would've most likely crippled him by 30, but we're expected to suspend disbelief and assume his extraordinary training or exceptional durability lets him continue to function. And we know canonically from Batman Beyond that he didn't retire as Batman until he was roughly 60. He did need the high-tech Batsuit to compensate for his age at that point, but he was still pretty capable. So if he could be Batman in his late 50s, he certainly could've been in his early 40s.

And remember, as early as "Mean Seasons" in TNBA, we saw that Bruce was starting to worry about finding gray hairs. I have him as 37 at that point.

Of course the makers of the shows were keeping their characters ageless, and wouldn't have worried much about the passage of time if the shows had continued to be produced. But as it happens, the DCAU ran just long enough that a chronology based on real time does juuust manage to work, with a little fudging.
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