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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

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- have some Dominion in it. Replace the ball dinner opening with a battle against Jem'Hadar cruisers.
How does that help the story? It's a tangent that would have nothing to do with the main plot and would confuse audiences that didn't watch DS9.
More to the point, more pew pew wasn't what INSURRECTION needed.

Haven't really thought how much I'd improve INSURRECTION, and I know I've said this before somewhere else, but it would've been nice to have an actual insurrection Picard actually going up against his government. He really doesn't in this film, he just confronts another insane Admiral trope.

And consequences. The movie should've had consequences. It had none. There was nothing really at stake except the Baku's land, but nothing really personal for Picard. Oh sure, he lost is faith in the institution he spent his entire life protecting, but beyond that what else did he face that wasn't just lip service. As we saw in the next movie, there were no consequences. Hell even in the end, it seemed as if Picard would be OK. So again, what was really at stake for Picard? Nothing. Nothing at all.
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