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Re: The Expendables 2 - Anyone Keen?

Grade is a strong B+


The opening rescue in Nepal(?) was fantastic!! Their armored vehicles with the taglines of Shock&Awe and Coming Soon were great. Seems Sly borrowed the "kill a helicopter with a motorcycle" from Die Hard 4 imo so I personally liked that.
Jet Li's fight in the kitchen with the pots and pans was a masterpiece of the opening gambit. That last little nudge to fall over was humorous.
I had my money on it being Church(Willis) under the hood but it was Trench(Arnie). Caesar's(Crews) line about not losing his favorite gun when he reluctantly lets Trench borrow it was a crowd favorite early on, "You lose this and your terminated".

After we get back and are winding down it was nice to have a cameo by Charisma Carpenter keeping some flow of continuity character wise in the films. As long as cameo's were being had it would've been nice for Tool(Rourke) to have been in that scene. If nothing else to bitch about how much harder he had during "x" mission.

At first I wasn't sure if we were getting the extra background o Billy the Kid(Hemmsworth) cause he was the new guy or they were setting him up to feel something for him should he die. It was the latter.
JCVD's intro as the bad guy Vilain, that spelling has to be intentional it looks like villain, was good and set him up as a type of asshole with a code but he demands respect. Killing Billy was how he intended to get it but that of course backfired.

After Billy's death the film actually attempts a type of character development and for a film of this type I can only call it "wordy" where there should've been a bit more going on imo.
This is broken up in the mock up American town when Lone Wolf(Norris) shows up. Now me and my audience seemed to absorb and soak up every bit of the Norris intro. The Leone musical march, the "after 5 days the cobra died" all great stuff.

The scene with Christmas(Statham) in the church with his knives kicking ass was fantastic. I liked how the final of that scene seemed to show the knives just flying out of the sleeves.

Once we get into the airport terminal scene it was check your balls at the door all out action. What you really expect the whole time but it was worth the wait. I do think they overused the I'll be back line. Once was enough, however, it set up Church's great reply the second time "You've been back enough, I'll be back" to which Trench gets a great reply "Yippie Kai Yeah". So for that exchange I'll allow the second use if just to set that up.
Lone Wolf shows up to make an early save, cue the music!

The final fight with Barney and Vilain was well done. Giving JCVD a chance to show of his patented high kick twice in a row was awesome. Barney unleashing with blow after blow as he's pinned to the wall. The inevitable return of the knife used to kill Billy that Barney used on Vilain only after he whipped his ass silly with those 50lb weighted chains. That was awesome.

I was hoping for us to see Trench's team. He mentions them in the opening gambit as "being around" but we never see them. He then only comes solo to aid Barney and his Expendables as a way to pay off his debt for being saved. I feel that somewhere in the middle of the film something with Trench's team might have kept the action quotient up. Maybe just thinking out loud. Of course then who that team would be?
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