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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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The child already died in the accident. The point was, it's not wise to use powers imposed by another being to reverse the natural course of events.
Honestly, put yourself in Riker's position. What is the downside? What could possible go wrong that it is better to leave a dead girl behind rather than bringing her back?
It's quite simply, one child no real big deal, what about death across the span of the 13 billions of years of the universe creation. Whats the difference between the one child and any other being who has ever died.

Just on Earth how many tens of billions would that bring back? And whats the harm, well its very well, even the Federation couldn't house the entirety of all of creation, let alone just all the beings who had died on their own worlds.

Its exceedingly simple.
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