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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

So I'm watching the CW fist look, and there's this REALLY REALLY ATTRACTIVE blond guy cast as NuMcSteamy in the Greys Anatomy rip off which I will be so be watching since it ticks all the boxes, even though i know the female lead as a queen bitch, and now she's playing a mouse... But then Merideth Grey and Ally McBeal both started off as little mice and quickly turned into big C's... But the incredly sexy mcSteamy facsimile?

Justin Hartley.

So maybe they didn't shoot it all together, the actors arrived sporadically for diffferent call times across the expanse of a few days, but there's a fair chance that Justin, formerly Smallvilles Green Arrow, and the cast of "Arrow" totally got all Sharks vs. the Jets while some one was trying to diligently film The CW first look.

Arrow looks good.

Beauty and the Beast makes Arrow look like something by Oliver Stone.
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