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Re: August 2012 Challenge--"Suspicious Minds"--A Tale Of Captain Ezri

Thanks, Badger!

BTW--recall that "Gabrielle" was the name she used when she and Julian were "checking out" the hotel in From Risa.

As for Cynthia...well, when I was writing Risa, I also wrote out a piece in my notes, in which I compared and contrasted the personalities of Cynthia and Ezri. Namely, a major element I thought out is that, though both are rather "innocent," "romantic," and, if you will, "feminine"...Cynthia is more concious of the "power" those attributes give her, over men--and she is quite willing to use that power to her advantage. Ezri, on the other hand, is less concious of that power--hence her seeming lack of awareness, regarding the flirtations of Jake and Quark on the show. When she is made aware, as with Julian (in "Afterimage") or Worf, she tenses up--she seems to fear the power she wields, when she discovers its effects on men.

Ever since then, I knew that someday...I would have the two ladies meet--and bring those contrasts out into the open.

I guess it turned out to be sooner, rather than later.
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