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Re: Re-watching Babylon 5 (* SPOILERS *)

Who is/are your favorite character(s)?
G'Kar. Londo. Sinclair.

What is/are your favorite season(s) of the series?
Can't say that I've got one. I'm a fan of the entire story.

What is/are your favorite episode(s) of the series?
Born to the Purple
The Parliament of Dreams
The Geometry of Shadows
Comes the Inquisitor
Severed Dreams
A Late Delivery from Avalon
The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
The Fall of Centauri Prime
and all-time favorite of ANY TV show: Sleeping in Light

What are your favorite quotes from the series (one or two from each season)?
Far too many. But the Declaration of Principals would top the list.

What is the one story arc or plot thread you would have liked to have had more information on?

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