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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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2) the Enterprise did the prudent thing and took several weeks to return B-4 to a Starfleet research facility,
Didn't the orders to proceed to Romulus come after they found B-4? Picard would've had to disobey orders to return him to a Starfleet facility.

"I thought it best to return the slow android to Starfleet first, even if it pisses off the new Romulan praetor who is making a call for diplomatic relations."

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3) Starfleet sent regular ambassadors to meet Shinzon instead of Picard,
Since Shinzon was a known warrior, he was probably banking on Starfleet sending a starship captain to meet with him. He may have even asked for one to be sent in lieu of an ambassador. He could have asked for Picard by name.
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