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Re: How would you improve Insurrection?

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I'm not sure the original premise has much promise, anyway, but I'll try modifying it instead of throwing the whole thing out.

-make the Baku more sympathetic and make them a real civilization of thousands or millions rather than a tiny village of squatters. Have them actually be connected to the planet as their home rather than some place they stumbled upon 300 years ago.

-take Dougherty and the other side's arguments more seriously. Make him convincing and have some of the senior officers side AGAINST Picard, as they probably would if we're being realistic.

-darker tone, less "silliness."(pimples, boob jokes, etc.)

-make the dilemma more balanced by not having the stakes be a revolutionary medical resource that HELPS BILLIONS. Have the resource be something like a new fuel source or something that would help the UFP in the war.
Hey, that's Avatar.

yeah. I was hoping no one would notice.

But seriously, that's kind of why "Avatar" works and INS doesn't.
Wait Avatar had a balanced dilemma?

Funny I remember the film boiling down to Na'vi and the humans on their side = good, every other human = irredeemable douche bag.

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^ Um, ever seen ST IV: The One With The Whales. Light hearted adventure with a moral dilemma.
Wait there was a moral dilemma?

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But what motivation do the S'ona then have to give the radiation to millions?
Solely because it will help them, no other reason.
Imperialistic powers don't work that way.

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But what motivation do the S'ona then have to give the radiation to millions?
Profit, pure and simple. Hell, the story could have worked with a group of Ferengi.

The Ferengi are studying the planet. They've told Starfleet they are there for a scientific mission, but they're really after the profit from the fountain of youth. Starfleet gets a bit suspicious of the Ferengi after a while, and they send the Enterprise in to check things out. The rest of the movie can go very close to the way it is with only minor changes.
I don't think the Ferengi can carry a movie as villains.
Plus you lose any moral conflict when you remember that as TNG constantly reminds us when the Ferengi are doing something for profit it usually is never something our heroes will see as a good thing.

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How would you improve Insurrection?
- make the Ba'ku less arian in nature and have more than 600 of them
- make clear that the old Ba'ku would die as soon as there is no more metaphasic radiation: the effects are only temporary and then they grow old to their actual age in a matter of hours or even minutes
- have some Dominion in it. Replace the ball dinner opening with a battle against Jem'Hadar cruisers.
- a Federation Council scene would widen the scope a bit.
- make the Ba'ku planet more alien. The rings and the nebula added to the background, especially in night scenes.
- make the Enterprise in the battle against the Son'a ships more active, attacking, firing torpedoes, doing some nice tactical tricks, playing hide and seek
- lose the kid/Data stuff, I was getting tired of "Data learns something about humanity" subplots.
- have some conflict between the Enterprise crew before they realize Picard is right. Like Geordi being euphorical that he's able to see before he realizes that people would have to die for it.
- lose the A British Tar scene
In other words more like the original version.
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