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There is one episode I'm conflicted about. I didn't like Zatanna not being a real magician in the episode "Zatanna". I get that Batman at that point hadn't really dealt with stuff like that, but the show did end up having a guy who is immortal because of magic pits, so I don't see why Zatanna had to be just a stage magician.
Well, when they were first introduced in "The Demon's Quest," it wasn't established that the Lazarus Pits were magical, just a special chemical formulation that had a rejuvenating effect. (And isn't that what they are in the comics as well?) The first unambiguous depiction of the supernatural in a B:TAS episode was in "Avatar" in the second season, when Ra's awoke the spirit/mummy/whatever of Thoth Kepera.

Of course, they never really say she isn't a real magician, or atleast there is never a scene that proves she isn't. Maybe she just hid her powers from Batman. It would mess up why Batman would be learning tricks from a real magician and his daughter, but if the DCAU is supposed to be in continuity with each other (Superman, Batman, JL/JLU, Batman beyond all being connected) then that episode of batman would contradict the JLU episodes she's in where she has real magic powers.
Not necessarily. It could be that she didn't gain actual magic powers until after the events of her namesake episode. We know that a fair number of years passed between B:TAS and her JLU appearances, long enough for Robin to graduate and become Nightwing and for the events of TNBA and JL's first two seasons to elapse. As I've said, I find it works pretty well to assume the series ran in pretty much real time, and there were 11 years between "Zatanna" and the first time we saw her with magical powers in JLU. Well, we also saw her use magic in her Gotham Girls appearances 7-8 years after "Zatanna," but those are of questionable canonicity. Either way, there's plenty of time for her to have gone from just a stage magician to an actual sorceress, either by acquiring magical ability somewhere or by discovering an inborn ability she hadn't previously been aware of.

In fact, that makes sense to me. If she'd always been a sorceress, why would she employ the trappings of a stage magician? It makes sense if that was what she was to begin with and the real sorcery emerged later.

I wish she had made more full appearances besides just one speaking cameo in JLU, I like her character and it would have been cool to see her get a JLU episode that focused on her.
She did. "This Little Piggy" was a major showcase episode for her (written by Paul Dini, who also wrote "Zatanna" and is a major Zatanna fan, using her extensively in his Batman comics, writing a whole series about her, and even being married to a woman who's a dead ringer for her).

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A line whose iconic status I hate, because it's totally wrong. Batman is not about vengeance. If he were, he would've killed Joe Chill and retired. Batman is about justice, and about trying to keep other people from having to mourn the deaths of their loved ones.
I can't really disagree with anything you say here, but in truth, it isn't really the line itself that makes it iconic, it's Conroy's delivery. When Conroy roared, "I am Batman!" I said, "Yes, you are."
Okay, granted, but I do wish they'd subbed "justice" for "vengeance." Then it would've been fine.

Still, even aside from that, it's kind of a melodramatic line.

When Kimmy Robertson recently did a Burger King commercial, as soon as I heard her distinctive voice, my eyes widened and I said, "Alice"!
Hmm. When she played Alice, I already knew her as Lucy from Twin Peaks. It's your first impression that sticks with you.
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