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Re: DCAU appreciation

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A line whose iconic status I hate, because it's totally wrong. Batman is not about vengeance. If he were, he would've killed Joe Chill and retired. Batman is about justice, and about trying to keep other people from having to mourn the deaths of their loved ones.
I can't really disagree with anything you say here, but in truth, it isn't really the line itself that makes it iconic, it's Conroy's delivery. When Conroy roared, "I am Batman!" I said, "Yes, you are."

I thought they were pretty good, especially part 2. The animation in part 1 (by Akom, a generally mediocre studio) was poor, but part 2 was animated by the brilliant Tokyo Movie Shinsha and features some of the most spectacular, amazing animation ever seen on American television at that point.[
Maybe I'll go ahead and re-watch part 2 without the encumberance of part 1. Like I said, part one was my first impression of the show as a whole, so that is what I tend to think of when I think of these eps. (In particular, the scene where Batman is lugging the thug around Gotham by his wrist with the Bat-Plane.)

"The Jokers Favor"-- The first appearance of Harley Quinn and a personal favorite of mine.
Also the first Paul Dini-scripted Joker episode, which is why the previous Joker episodes were all so lame in comparison.
I need to keep closer track of who writes what.

"Mad As A Hatter"-- This one could have been silly, but works in 50s Dick Sprang era kind of way.
It feels much more substantial than that to me, thanks to the dark edge Dini's writing gives it and the soulful brilliance of Roddy McDowall's performance.
No argument about the performances. The acting in this show is so consistently good that it is easy to take for granted. And this episode has stuck with me all of these years. When Kimmy Robertson recently did a Burger King commercial, as soon as I heard her distinctive voice, my eyes widened and I said, "Alice"!
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