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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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For that matter, why assume that because the planet is big that the colony must also be big?
I don't know why should we assume the colony is small.

Even then the only time the logistics of moving a colony were mentioned was in TNG and apparently it needs a specific kind of ship as Picard needed 3 weeks to get an evacuation ship for said planet and there was only one settlement so even if the colony is small there is no grantee that moving it would be doable in two hours seeing as we don't know what ships they had.

Which is something that should be considered when talking about how hard it is to move a population from a planet.

Or that Sisko didn't do his homework and know with reasonable certainty that the Maquis should be able to evacuate in time provided they chose to do so?
Because he didn't show any knowledge of the planet what so ever seeing as he had to ask Kira to find the closest one. there wasn't a whole lot of research shown or even alluded to there.

Also am I the only one disturbed by Star Trek fans agreeing with the use of biological weapons against a civilian population based on the logic that just by living in the DMZ a person is a terrorist.

Isn't that the same type of logic that leads to racial profiling?
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