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Re: Shia LaBeouf is done with blockbusters and will have real sex in m

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Whatever legitimate grievances against Hollywood there may be, an actor who did three Transformers movies airing them just does not seem very authentic.
I'm supposed to view LaBeouf with skepticism because he was smart enough to ensure his financial independence before he spoke out against the contemporary Hollywood studio system?

As an actor who has starred in both independent films and Hollywood blockbusters, LaBeouf seems well-positioned to understand the differences between the two. What he's saying isn't wrong, either; for proof all you have to do is witness the glut of independent filmmakers hired in the past ten years by Hollywood to oversee blockbusters only to see anything new they might bring to the table swallowed up by the studio's desire to produce a safe and familiar product for mass consumption.

Of course, this isn't really a new phenomenon, but it's still easy to get mad about it, especially if you're a fan of anything other than tentpole releases.
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