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Re: Those little details you miss

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I recently re-watched STIII:TSFS (I know it's generally regarded under the "odd-numbered curse", and not as well liked as other Trek movies, but it was the first one I saw in the theatre so I have a soft spot for it.)

This time, however, I noticed a little tiny detail that I'd never seen before. The Merchant vessel at the beginning that is escorting Valkris, soon-to-be-destroyed by Kruge, has an alien crewmember. You only see (him?) for a split second as the ship is exploding. I'd never noticed before.

Isn't it kind of odd to spend all the time it takes on alien makeup for that actor, only to show the character for less than a second as he's about to die?
That scene as shot was a bit longer. including a reveal of Valkris' face and ample cleavage. There are pics of her wearing a veil covering both that take place prior to the scenes cut into the final film.

I love III too, and think it is a very strong movie. With maybe 10-20 minutes of enhanced FX work, blending in the planet sets with some cg enhanced landscapes like LOTR, that movie would really open up and be much more appreciated.
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