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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

A Bugs Life (Farscape) - This was an enjoyable episode. I liked the idea of a sentient virus, although they must be pretty rare, otherwise most of the galaxy would be screwed up. I think they were a bit too hard on Rygel for opening it, though. There was no way that chest wasn't going to be opened, and of course it was going to be Rygel or female Jar Jar who did it.

Believers (Babylon 5) - Ugh. Its hard to figure out what to say about this episode. It wasn't bad. In fact, for the type of story it is, it was done well. I think what really gets to me is that I can see both sides of the issue. I would still say I side with the doctor, but I get Sinclair's position, too. I'm not a fan of stories based off religion in Sci-Fi shows (I mean ones like this, stuff like the evil Ori in SG-1 is fine), but like i said this one was done well. The parts of the stpory with Ivanova in a fighter were pretty pointless, though.

Survivors (B5) - This was a good episode. I like that it gives more info about Garibaldi's past. I honestly didn't know who set him up at first. I thought it might be the woman. Then, when they mentioned the organization who doesn't like aliens, and then it made sense that they would be the ones to set him up. I do wonder why Ivanova was so reluctant to stop the countdown near the end of the episode. She seemed to believe that Garibaldi was innocent, yet she kept the count going until the last second. Maybe she just likes to keep things dramatic

By any Means Necessary (B5)- this was a very good episode. It makes me wonder why political corruption is still around after hundreds of years. I mean, I don't expect the government to be perfect, but you would hope by that time that they'd start electing people who did things more because it was right then because it would help/hurt them politically. Treating workers like dirt, to the point they are legitimately in danger and way too overworked because the government is too cheap, should not be happening that far in the future. Heck, I don't think that even really happens in 2012, at least not as often as it seems to happen in B5's future. I guess that means the government gets worse in the future. I did like that the senator seemed to show that he wasn't completely heartless, his appearances in other episodes made him seem like the generic corrupt/uncaring senator, which he still might be, but atleast he showed he is somewhat human. The Londo/G'Kar parts were great, like they always are.

Signs and Portents (B5)- This was a good episode. I liked that Sinclair's past was brought up again. I'm wondering whats up with the guy asking the ambassadors questions, I bet thats brought up again eventually. I liked the Londo parts, although the Eye looks like something that could be created by a television prop department for less than $10 The woman who could predict the future was kind of pointless, "Babylon 5 could be destroyed, unless it doesn't get destroyed".
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