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Too, in an interview with, Jerrold Immel elaborated on his theme for Dallas, which he composed and then summarily returned each season to re-orchestrate and re-record (which is why there are so many damn different versions of the theme!):

Was there ever any preassure to arrange the theme into a more regular orchestral way, once shows like "Dynasty" and "Falcon Crest" is themes started reigning in a new TV show theme era?

JERROLD IMMEL: No. "Dallas" was the original of the Prime Time Soaps (discounting "Peyton Place") of that era. The number one TV series in the world in 1980 and no one had any thought of making changes. In later seasons I did modify the Disco beat to make it more "contemporary dance".

Your theme has become one of the quintesential pieces of music from any TV series theme; how do you feel being rememberd all these years later for that work, and do you still get comments from fans on it?

JERROLD IMMEL: It remains the signature piece of music to my career. Many, many people of a certain age remember the Friday nights on CBS and the theme that called them to watch the show. LINK
Jerrold Who? I thought Bruce Broughton composed the theme...
Jerrold Immel. He composed the theme for the series and scored the show for most of its run, alternating at times with Bruce Broughton (who also won and Emmy for his work on Dallas) and John Parker.

Immel however, wrote the iconic theme we all know and love.
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