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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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Sisko had every right to go after the Maquis for attacking the Malinche. An attack on any Starfleet vessel is an attack on all Starfleet. The Maquis attacked one ship, they can do it again. It's Sisko's responsibility to come to the aid of his fellow captain.

Sisko was entirely correct. By that one attack, the Maquis proved their hostile intentions towards the entire Federation. Sisko would be remiss if he did NOT go after them for it.
They attacked the USS Defiant earlier. I don't have an issue with the Federation going after the Maquis. I don't have an issue with that, except the fact he disobeyed an order from Starfleet to stand down after Starfleet judged Sisko as being compromised. He instead disobeys orders and goes off in an already damaged ship to "help" the Malinche.

However, as I already stated, Starfleet captains disobey orders in every single series. This is par the course for the series, and I don't hold Sisko against it.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote:
And perhaps if Eddington enjoyed manipulating Sisko so much, let's see how he likes BEING manipulated for once.

Also: for the thousandth fucking time, all Sisko did in his attacks was force the Maquis and the Cardassians to exchange colonies. No one was left homeless, no one died. If Eddington had gone unchecked, though, there'd have been casualties aplenty...
I'm sorry, what?

So, as long as the status quo is achieved, it's okay to use WMDs? Are you serious right now? Let's have Sisko argue my point for me in "Rules of Engagement":

"But you're a Starfleet officer, Worf, we don't put civilians at risk, OR EVEN potentially at risk to save ourselves. Sometimes that means we lose the battle, or sometimes our lives. But if you can't make that choice, then you can't wear that uniform."

Ahh, but if you're chasing one pain in the ass Maquis that embarrassed you, go ahead and risk civilians lives by using a WMD on a colony! They're just off-screen characters affiliated with said pain in the ass, they don't matter.

DonIago wrote:
Also, provided that "an intolerable threat to the security of the Federation" does translate into some level of Federation or Starfleet legalese, it's possible that, once the Maquis were classified in such a manner, Sisko did have the authority, or at least the potential authority, to "gas" the colony (which IMO implies a bit more than actually occurred; i.e. it seems like a weasel-word)
Let's recap quickly what happened.

  1. Sisko and Dax look over the book that Eddington sent, in which Sisko concludes he needs to "become the villian".
  2. He then goes to the bridge and orders Worf to prepare two quantum torpedoes with cargo pods with 200kg of trilithium to each torpedo. Worf tells him the torpedoes would not be effective against ships, which Sisko brushes off.
  3. Immediately after that order, he asks Kira where the nearest colony, which she tells him, and Sisko orders to lay a course for said colony.
  4. After that, he relays a warning to the Maquis about his plan in subspace. The crew, after hearing his plan, are shocked, but still obey.
  5. The colony, as you can guess, didn't exactly think a Starfleet captain would do such a thing, didn't begin evacuation. Eddington also questions what the hell he's doing, and sees it as a bluff.
  6. Sisko orders Worf to fire, which Worf hesitates, but then obeys. The quantum torpedoes leave the Defiant and poison the planet's atmosphere, leaving the inhabitants scrambling to evacuate. Unknown if said colony has enough ships strategically placed near all populations to properly evacuate.
  7. Sisko then claims that the Maquis is an "intolerable threat" to Eddington.
  8. Eddington surrenders himself and the weapons.
  9. Sisko, back on DS9, then tells Dax he didn't clear this plan with Starfleet.
So, how exactly is it a "weasel-word" or implying more than what happened? I was wrong with one thing. I said chemical weapons, they called them "biogenic" weapons on Memory Alpha. Beyond that, I basically went with what the episode showed. I didn't imply anything.

Also, how does Sisko admitting he didn't get clearance for the plan somehow justify his claim that the Maquis was an "intolerable threat"?

DonIago wrote:
In any case, notably none of the Defiant crew actually made a move to belay Sisko's order, which effectively would make them all guilty. The fact that none of them actually opposed it could be construed as indicating that Sisko did have the authority to issue the orders he issued at that point in time. As I said, perhaps they were surprised because the order was a possibility but not generally pursued, or perhaps they initially thought he was bluffing and were surprised to find out that wasn't the case.

I know they didn't disobey, which, I think I said earlier, they should have. It certainly would have been more dramatic and interesting, and would have shown Sisko that Eddington isn't worth compromising his ethics. They are all guilty, or at least the bridge officers are. In the real world, they'd probably be court-martialed, jailed, and possibly even executed.
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