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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

I have just finished book 3. Since this is labeled as a spoiler discussion, I am not going to include tags.

For the faux Arya storyline, do the plotters not think that anyone will notice? Granted most of the peole of Winterfell are dead, but Sansa and Jon are still alive and kicking. One visit from the Wall or Sansa getting out from under Littlefinger and that ruse is shot. It seems a dumb move on the part of the Boltons and Lannisters.

I wonder if Robb did legitmize Jon? He told Cat he was going to have Jon made his heir. He does have the Northern Lords sign something before his death but it does not say what.

I think Jon is headed on a different path now though. I think he is doomed. He seems to feel that he has no claim/nor should he have from his perspective to Winterfell (though Stannis offered). I get the feeling that the war with the Others is Jon's purpose and that he will probably die saving the realms of men.

Dany annoys me. She just whines and acts all entitled. She has no pep as a person to make you care one jot about her.

Stannis went up in my estimation when he headed to the wall to actually do something other than grind his teeth.

Sam's plotting to make Jon the next Lord Commander was a hoot.

I get the feeling that Cold Hands is Benjen.
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