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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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I think Yamato might be acceptable now. He was a tragic character who warned Japan not to attack the US but followed orders anyway.
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^^^ I think you're referring to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Slightly different spelling from Yamato but, yes, similar. He studied in the U.S. prior to the war, as did many Japanese officers at the time and he did feel the high command made a grievous error in attacking us the way they did.
I think that Rei/Akira Yamamoto character might be a nod to Admiral Yamamoto, but I hear she's actually a genderbent version of a male pilot from the original Yamato continuity, so...

Anyway, I think selling this show as Yamato 2199 in the West is pretty easy, since no one but military/history buffs knows the legacy of that name. The problem might be dealing with Asian markets, since Japan has ruffled feathers by making unpopular comments about their involvement in WWII and this show might be considered nationalist by other Asians (which is unfortunate, because this is among the least nationalist anime I have seen). Really, the only thing that I can see being nationalist besides the entire crew of humanity's last best hope being Japanese (which can be rationalized in story) is the fact that Japan seemed to own an entire fleet that was operating under UN auspices. I think the producers of the show dropped the ball on that, since UN ships with all Japanese markings makes no sense except if these were old Japanese ships pressed into service by the UN really quickly.
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