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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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^ "Who Did J.R. Shoot" ?

I'm a little surprised they showed us who got shot (Rebecca or Tommy). Unless they weren't sure about a second season when they were filming that episode.

The last 1st season episode seemed like more of a set-up for a potential next season.
I can see why'd they would do it that way. When this was brought back, it had been a little over two decades since the original series left the airwaves. Not counting the reunion movies ... though even there, the last one of those with the original cast was in 98, if I remember correctly.

Though the original series was a blockbuster in its day, they tried and tried to bring the show back - as a motion picture, with John Travolta as JR ... as a mini-series ... as a movie-of-the-week ... and every one of them stalled for one reason or another. Even with some of the original cast reprising their roles, it was a huge gamble. It could have bombed. Would audiences in 2012 still care about rich folks backstabbing each other? Although, that does seem to be the demographic for Bravo, with the "Real Housewives" series.

They wrapped up the bigger storylines, while planting seeds for new ones, hoping there would be a renewal. And, it worked. It was a gamble that paid off.

There were so many clues shown regarding Rebecca that I should have picked up on, but until she was in that hanger, I didn't piece it together. One of these days, I'll have to start a rewatch marathon of the original series and take notes. Maybe then I'll pick up on new stuff faster.

It has renewed interest - for me - in the original series. I just hope they redo the opening theme with an orchestra and show clips/faces with the new season. As I recall, they did the same sort of thing with the original - the first season (the miniseries) had random shots of the area, then with season 2 (or 3?) they used the actors.
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