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Ian Keldon
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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

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^^^ were inspired by Forbin's "Ascender" when you added that front nav deflector dish, weren't you?
Actually, no...I hadn't read that thread yet (just got back from there). There was a similar ship in Ships of the Line a few years ago and that's where I probably got the idea.

Theoretically, you could have two smaller dishes on the exposed front of each bulge on the lower hull. Might make it a little more integrated and less of an afterthought.
I might play with that some time...this was more of a "doodle" anyways. I'm trying very hard not to spend all my time on kitbashing right now. This little "mini wave" was me having literally nothing better to do with several hours over a couple of days.

I've been trying to give you that break you were looking for, but sometimes "the bug" just won't leave me alone.
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