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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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I'm in the middle on Castro. He is young and he -could- develop more. Do I think he should have gotten that extension? Heck no. Frankly I'm hoping it falls through somehow.

We have him for another year at league minimum, and three more years of arbitration. If he hasn't developed by then, he probably won't. This is a huge gamble and one I don't like. I would have expected this from Hendry, not Theo.
Well it might just be a better negotiation position to deal with this year while he has been kind of down. Theo is assuming that he will improve and if he ends up with some type of breakout contract year farther down the road like most guys do then he will have more power at the table. It is definititely a risk and I agree it is not typical Epstein behavior.
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