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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

Or look the other way after the Cardassian military attacked a Federation run the station with civilians on board.

SISKO: When you attacked the Malinche you proved one thing, that the Maquis have become an intolerable threat to the security of the Federation, and I am going intend to eliminate that threat.
An "intolerable threat"? come on, I doubt the Maquis were out to conquer the Federation.

I think the Federation has always been easier on the Cardassian Empire than it needed to be.

Bajor was brutally occupied by Cardassia, and the Federation ignored it. Or at least, refused to intervene directly. Later they send one Industrial replicator.

Cardassia is attacked by the Klingons, and straight away the Federation sends ships and military to help them against the Klingons even starting a war.

Later they send over a dozen industrial replicators.

Theyv'e caught them violating treaties and plotting things numerous times, and yet always looked the other way.

I think Sisko was using that as an excuse to settle the score with Eddington-by getting back at the Maquis.

Technically Sisko was correct. yet, technically he was exaggerating.

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