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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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That foreshadows two of the illusions right there, and they had just discussed the fight on Rigel VII, a third.
Sure, but he doesn't say that's what he wants to do, just that he could, if he so chose. And, even if he was a trader on Orion, it's the doc who anticipates that he means trading in slaves.
My point was that Orion wasn't "just an illusion to tempt him to wanting to stay on Talos IV," insofar as that it and the other illusions weren't indiscriminately chosen. Every illusory scenario he experienced was drawn from his own mind.

But there is an additional point that I didn't state. The Orion illusion scene according to is:
(A band plays, and a green woman dances sensuously)
OFFICER: Nice place you have here, Mister Pike.
(The dancer is -)
PIKE: Vina?
ORION: Glistening green. Almost like secret dreams a bored ship captain might have.
OFFICER: Funny how they are on this planet. They actually like being taken advantage of. Suppose you had all of space to choose from, and this was only one small sample.
ORION: Wouldn't you say it was worth a man's soul?
The point being made in the dialog is that Pike is being tempted not necessarily with this particular illusion, but rather with the possibility that he can experience any reality that he might desire - with Vina.

Given what Vina said in the horse illusion, it's reasonable to assume that she's right about him: he's curious about Orion because it represents a lifestyle that he can't have.

So yeah, I do agree with the point that Orion is not necessarily, or even really, what he wants. But I was never trying to suggest that it was.
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