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Re: What likely happened to the Cardassian Union after the war

We are lucky Japan was not in Europe. Together they would had been unstopable.
What, an extra island in the North Sea or the Mediterranean with minuscule industrial capabilities, no access to key raw materials, and no knowledge of how to build modern armored vehicles, would have made a difference?

The question is could Cardassia support/maintain conquered planets, whilst trying to rebuild the home world. They might decide (or be forced by the UFP) to let those worlds go and not expend valuable resources on them.
One might argue that any planet worth conquering would be self-sustaining or a net producer of goods. That is, the world would be able to sustain a labor force at the required minimum level of getting some good work out of them, and could be stripped of raw materials and somewhat refined goods or even foodstuffs by utilizing a modestly performing space fleet of humble technical specs.

This is the list of known Cardassian colonised worlds mentioned in DS9 series.
Some of those may not actually be colonies - many of the name-dropped worlds serve in the plot role of an "outpost", which might amount to much less than even the humblest "colony".

To what extent the war ravaged these locations is unknown. Why bother with faraway planets when the war can be settled by fighting decisively at Cardassia Prime?

Timo Saloniemi
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