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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

Timby, I'm not disagreeing with you but all I'll say is everything you said about Castro was said about Jose Reyes. While not comparing the two, all the same critiques were hurled at him.

On a lighter note, went to a Long Island Ducks game this evening. Had a lot of fun with my son Ian. I got to meet the bench coach and former Mets Bud Harrelson and I got his autograph as well. The funny thing is that one of their pitchers is the magnanimous Armondo Benitez. Unfortunately it was a blow out, Ducks won 8-1. So no chance to see if Benitez could choke in the middle of no-where Long Island. Also the starting DH was Timo Perez, who went 0-4 and is batting .287 in this league. I guess the fall is hard and when you want to play baseball enough, this is where you end up. Is John Rocker wanting another comeback try, I guess the Ducks would resign him, again.
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