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I'm aware of other statistics but you are speaking as if this guy is a career singles hitter with no eye. Which would be fine if he was 27 or 28 years old. He's 22 YEARS OLD. He led the NL in hits at the age of 21, an age where most of his peers aren't even in the majors yet. You have a seven year deal in which he will come out of at the age of 29. You are going to get the best years out of this guy. You give him stability with a manager, the players that surround him and give him a fucking role and see what happens. He's hit everywhere in the lineup and has no idea what his own organization wants him to be. I don't see him as the next Matt Kemp or anything but I think you've got yourself a solid two hole hitter for the next 7 years. Man you guys could do a lot worse than that. Just give him time, watch him develop, there is way too much upside to this guy.

How is there "way too much upside?"

Can he hit for average? Yes.

Can he run really, really fast? Yes.

Can he draw walks? No.

Can he avoid strikeouts? No.

Is he smart on the basepath? Fuck, no.

Can he hit for power? Not really.

Can he play defense? No.

Is he mentally focused on the field? Not one bit -- watch him whenever there's no one on base and the ball isn't in play, he's standing there scratching his ass. He's a lazy malcontent; there's a reason Lou Piniella, Mike Quade and Dale Sveum have been driven nuts by his lack of focus.

You know who else can run really fast and hit a ton of singles? Juan Pierre. But there's no rush to sign him to a seven-year deal. Castro could be a decent two-hole hitter, but I could grow antlers, too. There's no reason to lock up an under-performing slap hitter for seven goddamned years, putting yourself in a cage if he turns out to be a mediocre, replacement-level player (which Castro is projecting to be). Again, you're focusing on BATTING AVERAGE BATTING AVERAGE BATTING AVERAGE. Do you gauge a pitcher's worth by his number of wins?
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