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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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I dunno, we've had leaders who declared war on a country that had nothing to do with a terrorist attack and walked away from what they'd unleashed scot-free...
Completely unrelated to what Sisko did. Political leaders can make decisions to go to war. Whether you agree or disagree with that decision is your personal choice, but it has nothing to do with Sisko, a military officer, using a WMD upon a civilian colony without any authorization, just to capture somebody who Starfleet rightly judged Sisko to be too vulnerable to Eddington, due to the personal nature of his betrayal.

This would be like some American military officer using nerve gas against Kabul unless Osama surrendered himself. Osama is a douche, but he's not worth the potential deaths of hundreds of thousands. And no, the weapon taking maybe two hours before taking effect does not guarantee the proper evacuation of the entire civilian population of the planet Sisko bombed.
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