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Re: DCAU appreciation

Just want to chime in with the DCAU love. I was ecstatic when Batman Begins debuted, as it was the first live-action Batman film to focus entirely on The Batman. But still, it wasn't perfect (for me, at least) and I still kept thinking that Dini and Timm got The Batman and his world better than even Nolan.

After TDK and TDKR, I feel this way even more. Great movies, but not great Batman movies. I await the day when DC Entertainment and the WB will wake up and give the live-action franchise to Dini and Timm. Hell, they should be the guys in charge of all DC films, esp. JL. They got it right consistently over and over again. Their version of The Batman is perfect, almost better than the comics version.

Love this thread! Thanks!
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