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Re: New (STXI) Enterprise Show Off

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Getting a bit tired of the over-abundance of Original series stuff.
It seems any video poster worth their salt just wants to re-tread a path very well trodden with giving us yet more glory shots of the TOS design.
It's fanboyism, I'm sure it was the same when the E-D came out or the E^2.

Nice to see the new movie era getting some love, hopefully now the bunfight over the new movie has died down this design will be seen as the great piece of art it is, instead of biased opinions based on the quality of the movie.
Maybe it's because I'm young, but I loved it! The new Enterprise is such a radical design, it's curvy instead of straight edged.

I actually had a backstory about the new ship, it being Robert April's true design of the final say in starship design, but it was shot down by more conservative groups who wanted to make ships smaller (ships in the past being larger) and more numerous (kinda like a Soviet Union kinda build more mentality). This ship, being twice is big, is actually twice the ship compared to the Prime Enterprise.
The end was crying out for a jump to warp though, it's not a proper glory shot unless it ends with the power and glory of the warp shot!
I know, I know. That is seriously what EVERYONE has told me! The problem is that I don't know how! Blender is a very difficult program to learn and master!

The next one is actually putting in a drydock with shuttles and a launch sequence.

My biggest problem is my time and perfectionism. My computer takes forever to render (this one took about a month and a half) and ya know, I need my computer to work.

Nice job overall though, subscribed
You sir are too kind! Thank you!
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