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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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I managed to grab New 52 Batman yesterday. I have to admit, that I love this figure quite a bit. Even more so than my Batman Inc figure (that's saying a lot for me). The paint job and sculpt look so much better and nothing seems to be bleeding through or anything like that. I love the fact that his cape folds at the bottom. It didn't come with the typical stand so I assume this was how you were gonna stand him up. They managed to capture Greg Capullo's design beautifully. I just like this figure a whole lot. I very nearly bought New 52 Aquaman as well...but put that off for now. I really want the Trinity first.
The DC Collectibles version? I think it's actually Jim Lee's art that they're going for with that, since it's a Justice League line. I agree about it being a great looking figure, though. I wish DC Collectibles had more articulation, or I would collect them regularly, too. As it is, I really only pick up the ones that I don't think Mattel is every likely to make like various Lanterns.
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