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Re: Transphasic shields in the novels

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^Okay, apology accepted.

Still, there was one main drawback to the armor in the episode itself, namely that it was stupid. For 35 years we'd been shown that Federation technology had energy shields that were immensely more advanced and effective than any physical armor, and then suddenly Berman & Braga decide they can represent even more futuristic shielding by slapping a bunch of metallic Venetian blinds around the ship? It doesn't even fit within the rules and conventions of the fictional universe, let alone the real one.
It was Voyager during it last two seasons. Mostly, I just try to accept that it happened, and then forget it. Accept for some funky looking SFX, it added nothing to the story. I suppose that's the entire point behind it. If Admiral Janeway came back and said "I have this great new shield technoloy that will be uberspanktastic" but did nothing in terms of SFX, fans would have complained aswell, that it was just some plottwist to make Voyager even more invincible. So B&B figured, let's make it look COOL, then the fans will love us. Kinda backfired on them, didn't it??
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