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Re: New Frontier no more?

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To be honest, I wouldn't mind a proper finale to NF, but if it is done for good I wouldn't be overly dissapointed. There are a lot better series out there (VOY Relaunch, Titan, TNG Relaunch...) that I would rather see the TPTB focus on.

That's basicly how I feel. I lost interest in NF after the entire Beings plot. I bought the novel that came after that, the one were Janos left at the end. But that's was it for me. To much of that novel just didn't make sense to me anymore. That little tribble-like creature being a mastermind? Calhoun ordering the destruction of the Kobiyahsi Maru and his teachers thought it was original thinking or something like that? It just got to silly for me.

But I do feel that any series should get a decent ending, and not just be cancelled. So, for the fans I hope there will be one last huraah.
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