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Re: Transphasic shields in the novels

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Christopher can pretend it's useless and invent excuses all he wants (I'm sure they have a technobabbulant way to vent that excess heat).
What the hell?! Where's this snide condescension coming from? I'm not inventing a damn thing. I'm explaining how the laws of physics work. How are the actual laws of physics more "pretend" than some lame-ass special-effects gimmick Brannon Braga ripped off from Tim Burton? How is a decent education an "excuse?" You really need to dial back the gratuitous hostility there.

"Endgame" didn't show any of the cons described.
And a whole lot about "Endgame" was just plain stupid.

Just another of Trek's one-off advances swept under the rug.
Yes, and if you'd open your mind for a moment you'd understand that real science offers a nice, handy, reasonable explanation for why it was only a one-off advance. If you're unhappy about it being swept under the rug, then you should be glad that real science explains it so handily, instead of being a jerk to me about it.
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